Reasons I Love Living In The South

Magnolia BlossomMagnolia Blossoms are a reason I love living in the south.

I grew up in a North Central Florida home that was not air conditioned.  On summer days my mother would open the windows, turn on fans and, when in bloom, set a freshly cut magnolia blossom, placed in a shallow dish of water, on the dining room table.  The warm days would magnify the clean, vinegary aroma of the whiter than white blossom, freshening the warm, muggy air that flowed through our home.

Although our present home is air conditioned and the windows remain closed, we still enjoy the blossoms we harvest from our magnolia trees.  Their scent refreshes the cool circulated air, the clean white tint of the blossom contrasted with dark green leaves adds to our decor and as I view the blooms, I’m reminded of a different and distant Florida.

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