It Takes Good Coaching For A Sales Team to Succeed

Over lunch with a sales manager, he told me of his frustration at being unable to maximize his sales team’s results. He related that he sends his salespeople to sales seminars, has built a library of self-help sales books and instituted a new CRM system, despite these efforts, his team’s results were still below expectation. I commented that sales seminars, self-help books and a CRM system are not to be neglected tools, but to succeed salespeople need to develop six basic skills that are intrinsic to success, and I asked how he identified in which phase of the sale process his team members are weak.

Sales managers often focus on tactical considerations—cold calling, niche sales, networking, referrals, social media, overcoming objections, etc. The preceding are important but focusing on such without dealing with the basics of sales, is similar to instructing a football player to block without teaching the basics necessary for doing so.

In football, a good offensive line coach spends time observing his players’ basic skills—if they’re in the correct stance; their footwork; how they use their hands; and how they move their hips. By taking the time to observe his players, a coach can identify which skills which need improvement.

To maximize success, a salesperson must possess the skills needed to excel in the six phases of the sales process: Prospecting, First Impression, Qualifying, Demonstration, Influence, and Closing.  Like a football coach observing his players, a sales manager needs to determine in which phases of the process his players need coaching. Only by doing so, can he or she help overcome weaknesses .

The problem lies in identifying which phases need strengthening and then addressing the tendencies lending to the weaknesses. The best way to do so is by utilizing an objective assessment designed to identify a salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses within the sales process. 

When jointly reviewing the assessment results, the sales manager helps a salesperson to be aware of weaknesses. In addition, a dialogue allowing for a positive response to coaching feedback is created. Coaching is further enhanced through personalized checklists which allow for fine tuning the conversation, making interactions with salespeople straight to the point and productive—thus minimize communication conflict and staying focused on what will most effectively improve sales performance. 

When recruiting salespeople, our firm uses an assessment which:

  • Highlights how a salesperson deals with preparation, presentation, handling objections, closing, and servicing
  • Scores a salesperson’s effectiveness within each of the 6 phases of the sales process
  • Outlines a salesperson’s performance tendencies within each
    specific phase of the sales process.
  • Provides selling tips, identifies time wasting tendencies, and lists areas for improvement

In addition, the report generated by the assessment helps to build people’s self awareness through identifying the forces that motivate them.   Salespeople will learn how to explain, clarify and amplify some of the driving forces in their life. This report will empower them to build on the unique strengths, which they bring to work and life.  They will learn how their passions from 12 Driving Forces® frame their perspectives and provide tie most accurate understanding of themselves as a unique person.

We believe you will find this to be an inexpensive and valuable tool for evaluating and coaching members of your sales team, as well as for recruiting sales talent.   We are offering this online assessment for a reduced cost of $99.  You may order the assessment by clicking here.  To view a sample of the report generated by the assessment click here.


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