Our CoronaVirus Fight Is Upside Down

I read an article relating how during World War II, a group of engineers was empaneled to examine bombers returning from combat missions.  They observed which areas of the airplanes had sustained the most damage and decided those sections of the plane should be hardened. They were ready to proceed with their recommendation when a member of the group pointed out their thinking was upside down.  He drew attention to the fact the planes they examined, although heavily damaged, were the ones that made it home. He made it clear that the areas of the planes needing reinforcement were those where they observed little damage. 

We are upside down—economically harming the strongest within our society, instead of focusing on safeguarding those most in need.   

We know those people under 55 years of age, and who make up most of the workforce, are less likely to succumb to the disease.  Yet we are condemning them to a lengthy economic struggle by shutting down their places of employment. To ease their predicament, congress and the president are developing legislation to send each family a couple of thousand dollars.  But, what if the number of people contracting the virus doesn’t decrease? Do we continue the closures into mid-summer? If so, how will we continue to fund relief payments? 

Instead of shutting down more businesses, we need to open those that have closed.  At the same time, we should work to develop and fund efforts to keep safe our fellow citizens who are powerless to overcome this deadly virus. By doing so, we will concentrate on those most in need, while lessening the long-term damage to our nation’s economy.

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