From running a commercial roofing, sheet metal and air conditioning firm, to owning an inn, to the presidency of a statewide trade association, I have had many interesting experiences.  In this blog, I use stories and reminiscences to relate lessons that I have learned.

5 responses to “About

  1. Congratulations!! You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by at comingeast.com for more details.

  2. Hi Bill, I’ve also honored you with The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for your “lessons in life.”
    Brenda Marroy/Streams of Consciousness
    http:// brendamarroyauthor.com

    • I have been on a short sabbatical and just learned you awarded me with the Versatile Blogger
      award. Thank you; now I can make the claim that I am an award winning writer.

      Happy New Year.

  3. I never thought of it that way. Thanks Bill. I now know that I’m an award winning writer also. Great for my resume!!

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